10 Best Women-Only Yoga Retreats Around the World

Join one of these getaways to discover the power of sisterhood as you practice.

10 Best Women-Only Yoga Retreats Around the World | Starwheel, a journey through the open heart
Women-only yoga retreats offer a support system that can create the optimal conditions for deep self-inquiry.

There’s an alchemical shift that happens when women are in the company of other women. For starters, there’s an exponential leap in trust—something in short supply in our current political climate. There’s an ability to drop in and simply be, and a willingness to share all of who we are because we know we’re surrounded by others who’ve had similar experiences.

That solidarity is part of the zeitgeist behind the growing demand for women-only trips and retreats, many of which go beyond yoga, helping women feel empowered through a specific skill set, such as surfing or backpacking.

What exactly happens when women get real with each other? Numerous studies show that women reach out to each other during times of stress, whereas men isolate themselves. Left to our own devices, women opt for tend-and-befriend over fight-or-flight. All-female retreats harness this innate support system and even boost its potency, creating the optimal conditions for deep self-inquiry.

Geneen Roth, author of “Woman, Food, and God” amongst other best-sellers, describes it best: “After a few days, the membrane that separates you from yourself and your deepest longings begins to dissolve … and you move into the life you long for.”

Ready to make that move and dissolve whatever stands in your way? Click through for Yoga Journal’s roundup of the 10 best women-only retreats.

About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer based in Lyons, Colorado.

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