3 Healing Slow Cooker Recipes to Rebalance and Detox

Use your slow cooker to load up on antioxidant- and nutrient-rich meals from chef and holistic health coach Jennifer Iserloh.

3 Healing Slow Cooker Recipes to Rebalance and Detox | Starwheel, a journey through the open heart

I find cooking to be a soulful, meaningful practice, but that doesn’t mean I always want to spend hours in the kitchen just to enjoy a wholesome meal. Using a slow cooker is one of the best ways to enjoy more delicious, healthy foods with minimal effort. I love to pop ingredients into my slow cooker and then go run an errand or spend an hour on my yoga mat, knowing that I’ll return to an amazing, nutrient-dense meal.

One of the first dishes that I made in a slow cooker with my Granny when I was a kid was stuffed cabbage. We had plans to go shopping and couldn’t stay home to watch a pot bubbling on the stove. I still love this family recipe, as well as slow-cooker classics like chili or stew, but I’ve since expanded my repertoire to include creative meal ideas with unexpected ingredients like fruit or green tea. For my new book, I wanted to give people a fresh, inspired way to think about their slow cookers.

These meals are not only flavorful and antioxidant rich, but they are also adaptogenic, meaning they use ingredients from a special class of plants that are considered immune-modulating. Adaptogens also encourage homeostasis, or internal balance, in your body. The more I learn about adaptogens found in mushrooms, goji berries, and a whole suite of other foods, the more I want to cook with them in creative, tasty ways.

Use the recipes on these pages to preserve the nutrients in whole foods (a slow-cooker specialty), load up on medicinal ingredients, and help bring your body back into balance. For best results, put the ingredients into your slow cooker and then spend some time on your meditation cushion or yoga
mat before you eat.

From The Healing Slow Cooker: Lower Stress, Improve Gut Health, Decrease Inflammation by Jennifer Iserloh

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