A Trillema

If No One Else Can, Woman Can
A trilemma is a difficult choice from three options, each of which is (or appears) unacceptable or unfavourable.

There are two logically equivalent ways in which to express a trilemma: it can be expressed as a choice among three unfavourable options, one of which must be chosen, or as a choice among three favourable options, only two of which are possible at the same time. The term derives from the much older term dilemma, a choice between two or more difficult or unfavourable alternatives.

Epicurus on God and Evil

Epicurus on God and Evil”Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”
– Epicurus

If God Can’t and if Epicurus couldn’t, Woman still can do Miracles. ~ @starwheel.org