Can You Name 7 Types of Stretching?

Can You Name 7 Types of Stretching? | Starwheel, a journey through the open heart

Knowing the difference between a sustained stretch and an active stretch can help you dial in the best yoga practice for your unique needs.

Sustained stretch, flow stretch, passive stretch, active stretch, activated isolated stretch, ballistic stretch, resistance stretch—these are all different ways to activate different aspects of your muscular-skeletal system, nervous system, and more. In this 10-minute video, learn how to identify different types of stretch and how to use them to create yoga sequences that challenge you in positive ways and deliver the benefits you need in your practice—from increased mobility to injury prevention, depending on your unique physiology.

If you’d like to learn (a lot) more about the anatomy of stretch, join Tom Myers, founder of Anatomy Trains, in his new online course, Science of Stretch: Anatomy Training for Stability and Resilience. This four-week online education experience, designed for yoga teachers and practitioners alike, will help you embody a deeper understanding of how your entire body moves, so you can establish a healthy balance between strength and mobility on the mat. Sign up today at

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