Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Gate Pose (Parighasana) | Starwheel, a journey through the open heart

Here are helpful cues to practice Gate Pose (Parighasana) correctly and safely

  1. Begin kneeling with the thighs perpendicular to the floor, and the knees and feet together
  2. Extend the big toes straight back, pressing down with all 10 toenails and firming the outer ankles into the midline
  3. Spin the inner thighs back and gently release the flesh of the buttocks towards the backs of the knees
  4. The pelvis is neutral, neither spilling forward nor spilling back, and stacks directly over the knees
  5. Root down from the tops of the feet to the knees; rebound up with the chest
  6. Open the right leg out to the side, externally rotating from deep in the hip socket so that the right toes point to the right border of the mat; make sure to keep the left hip directly over the left knee
  7. Line up the right heel with the left knee and plug into the floor with the right big toe mound
  8. Engage the right quadricep and keep the right kneecap facing the ceiling –this may entail allowing a slight rotation to the right with the left side of the pelvis
  9. Inhale lengthen the spine and take the left arm out to the side, externally rotating so that the palm faces the ceiling
  10. Exhale, bend laterally to the right, sliding the right hand down the right leg towards the ankle
  11. Reach the left hand past the left ear and look to the left, directing the gaze under the left upper arm
  12. Use inhales to continue to elongate the spine
  13. Use exhales to gently twist the upper torso to the left
  14. Move the shoulder blades in and up to mobilize the thoracic, offering the chest to the ceiling
  15. Continue pressing down with right big toe mound and the left knee to emphasize the lift of the thoracic spine and chest
  16. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then, leading with the left arm use an inhale to come up, bringing the right knee back next to the left. Repeat on the other side

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