Starwheel online

With a little bit of effort and intensity, every push up is possible. It took us a while to do it, but here it is now. Not necessarily consecutive and in a more circumvent approach but ~ Starwheel is there! It makes me happy already. Happy in a Way. Happy on the Go. Powered by 2U2 Web Technologies, home brewed and compiled in Maleny QLD, Australia.

Welcome to Starwheel

The Idea of Starwheel was born before any Realization of it. First Realization of the name Starwheel appeared in October 2011. It was Realized by naming our Camper-van, purchased and organized in Sydney NSW, with a Purpose to continue with the Starwheel (camper-van) on a trip up the Australian east coast after it. So Starwheel became the vehicle of our trip, our Journey. Starwheel became our cruising ship and Starwheel became, in that universal Time, as the Vehicle of our Souls, followed by the Stars, the Wheels, the Skies, the Earth and the Seas, our Journey itself.

With the Starwheel website we are now ready to present and share some photo galleries from our trips, back and forth, as they appeared, as they came, as they passed and as these merged into each-other.

Shared Song: Starwheel ~ Author: Bruce Cockburn, 1979