Nasturtium Pesto

Makes 4 batches.


1 large bunch scallions (5 tbsp chopped)
1 small bunch nasturtiums, leaves or petals (5 tbsp chopped)
1 small bunch parsley (about 1⁄2 cup)
3⁄4 cup Parmesan
1⁄2 cup pine nuts, toasted
1 tsp lemon juice (or more to taste)
1⁄2 tsp sea salt
1⁄4 tsp black pepper
3⁄4 cup olive oil


  1. In a food processor, blend all ingredients except olive oil into coarse, grainy mixture. Slowly pour in oil in several batches, pulsing briefly after each batch, until completely blended.
  2. Use to top fish or chicken.

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