Praise Thou, Oh Bread our Daily ~ Billige Brotchen Geschichte

Our Daily Bread, God thanks for that, a Body of Your Son Divine, our Sins, your Glory, die Verein. Welcome to our daily Table, welcome to our daily Deeds, Oh Bread, the Holy Diet, Oh Bread, Here again. Tieffe Kuhlbahre des Brott Industrie.


The story of Bread has been followed up since the earliest stages of Humanity. Civilization itself, beside Social or Family foundations, is based in its totality upon the story of the Bread, upon the Story of the Holy Body, upon the Story of Equality, Democracy, Equal shares, Self-lessness and Altruistic heredity. The foundations, solid as they seen, still cannot compete with the first, astonishing and most delightful smell that surrounds you immediately upon entrance to any of the German institutional entry points. Civilised indeed, so tasty – Backerei auf jeder Ecke!

Let’s See what stands behind.