Saddhana Forest ~ As to You my Friend, something that happens, if you want to make a change, You’re Shining

What makes this land so arrid is the Fact that all the Rainwater that falls in the Monsoon just goes away. The Sahara is moving south very fast, there’s no biodiversity, there are no animals, people are becoming homeless. What we need to do is to keep the local water on the local land. There is a Faith, Saddhana Forest.

This is a new video to raise awareness and funds for Sadhana Forest. Saddhana Forest video is also available on DVD, please get in touch with Sadhana Forest to get a copy. |

Awarded with a Special Mention at the Auroville Film Festival 2011 for simple, strong and effective communication of its core principles.

‘In the process we have established a community of Volunteers’ ~ by Aviram Rozin, Saddhana Forest founder and fore-runner: ‘Saddhana forest role is to introduce Faith to Live a Full and Fulfilling life. To empower people to Change the Faith in their Life and to Change the Faith in the World.’