Silke’s Post

Happy New Year 2014

What I’m mostly missing in the time of being a 100% mama is to attend the profound course of Vippasana. It just started a 10 days course, here, close to us, in Pomona, and only if I have got a 10 days off my beloved task as being a Mum right now, it would just be Amazing. But, I guess – will it ever work?

‘It will work my dear, soon enough.’ Patience is, for All as for Vipassana and as for this question, the Mother of Realisation. May All Beings be Freed of Suffering. May All Beings Attain Enlightenment. Om Mani Padme Hum.

‘Can I do a 3 Days course over the weekend? Can I serve?’, ‘Friday half and Monday whole?’ ~ ‘Where is that, my Dear?’