Steal This Chakra-Based Strategy for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Steal This Chakra-Based Strategy for Stress-Free Wedding Planning | Starwheel, a journey through the open heart

If you know me from yoga festivals, yoga apparel modeling, or podcasts, you know I love sharing love. And when Alex, my soulmate, proposed to me, I was insanely delighted and overjoyed. As the excitement softened, though, I knew it was time to plan the wedding. At first I was scared and pre-judged the process. My initial thought was how will this fit into my already full life—running eight businesses, prioritizing family, and my own yoga practice? My preconceived notion of big weddings was that a lot un-mindful resource practices and energy were poured into one day.

Then I breathed. Meditation teaches me to make space between my thought patterns and conclusions. I realized that often our first reaction is one of a limited perspective. I shifted my attitude by noticing whether I was looking at the bigger picture or one point on a map. When I was able to get a holistic view, I remembered the magic of intentional choices. Nothing I have done in life has been cookie cutter, so why start now? I don’t want to look back on a stressful period right up to the altar. I want to remember this as a partnership of building something beautiful with Alex. It took a few months to let go and accept each of our roles in the wedding planning process. Through some vulnerable conversations with Alex, I realized that our strengths manifest in different ways. I accepted myself as I am and let go of so much tension. Now, you can call me “bride-Zen-a.”

The journey to our wedding day has been a beautiful foreshadowing of our partnership and a reflection of our lifestyle. Our individual strengths and talents contribute to conscious decisions. To assure our vibe is woven through the event, we created a new method of wedding planning based on the 8 limbs of yoga and the 7-chakra system.

7 Chakra-Based Principles for Stress-Free Wedding Planning 

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Mary Clare Sweet’s yoga practice began when she read a book about yoga and begged her yogi mom to teach her what she knew. She is the owner of Lotus House of Yoga vinyasa studios in the midwest. “I intend to play!” Sweet says. “Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins. With me, you will gracefully tiptoe along the exciting edge of your practice, expect sweat, love, and OM.” 

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