The Pale Blue Dot or from this distant Advantage Point ~ To Everyone We Love

On the relativity of All things there is a distant advantage point of recognition, as wisely said by the russian Journalist and Spiritual explorer, Dr. P. D. Ouspensky (On the Search of Miraculous): ‘We must be aware of the starting Point. It is not only related to Words, but with the search of Miraculous. We must always be aware of the Starting point.’

Love and Fear guide the cords of our Destinies

So, to everyone we Love or we fear of, to everyone close enough or far enough from our awareness, to everyone with the explicit meaning and gentle words that pierce our Hearts as well as to everyone not present at all in our Lives, present, past or future – This is the starting point from where we all source our beginnings and plan our ends, where we Live and when we are aware of it, where we Love, and Fear, and Hate, where we are All together as One or where we are All living as separate entities, Id~Entities, to all of You, dear Friends, dear Loved Ones, dear All, this post is dedicated.

With Awareness and with Gratitude

With Awareness and with Gratitude, with Love and with Recognition, with as much Luck as possible and that we will meet again and again, forever on this Earth. ‘Gaio’ is the call! ‘Gaia’ is the place. ‘Kairos’ is the moment. We welcome you into the New, ‘Neo’.

Short clip by: The Sagan Series, No.10