With an Apology to the Viewer

Shared from two sources: From Carmen G. FB thread as to the latest ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and as from the same C.G. thread as to ‘Gordon Gekko’s Greatest Hits (Wall Street 1987)’ YTube post, as related to it. The apology in the title is expressed as to the common interest in a spectacle, as put together in this valuable clip, to the spectacle of classical drama, almost tragedy, inversed in the obvious discourse. So remote from the humane thought that maybe reversible in effect and as expressed, so nihilated in itself, becoming universal good at the end.

What should have never been said and was said long before the saying

Probably almost everybody has seen the original movie of this clip. If you did not, take your time for it. It was screened sooo many times, that you almost could not miss it, and the theme is actual enough, and filmed good enough (maybe), that it’s worth viewing.

The Wall Street of today maybe? What happened in 2014?